FetishGirls.com Anti-Spam Policy

What is an Anti-Spam Policy?

FetishGirls.com is a responsible citizen of the Internet and, as such, follows a strict policy forbidding any third-party from sending any type of promotional emails or other materials on the behalf of our site – whether or not this information is solicited or unsolicited. These means that we strictly prohibit spamming of any type! FetishGirls.com, the site itself, is the only individual(s) or entity authorized to send emails to registered Members of our site. These two policies are the basis of our formidable “Anti-Spam Policy.”

How do we implement the Anti-Spam Policy?

In the event we receive a complaint regarding any of our direct marketing agents, affiliates, or any other third-party sending emails or other materials on our behalf, the FetishGirls.com Abuse Team (hereinafter “Abuse Team”) will immediately initiate an investigation. This is the responsibility of the Abuse Team and it does investigate every complaint that we receive. We may also involve our legal counsel, in the event of an extreme case.

If the Abuse Team’s investigation finds that any of our direct marketing agents, affiliates, or any other third-party have been promoting FetishGirls.com by email, we will terminate his/her/their accounts with us and enforce the forfeiture of any earnings.

Please Report Email/Spam!

If you receive an email or any other material by a third-party that is connected to this site, please report it immediately! Simply, fill in the form below or email abuse@FetishGirls.com and we will commence an immediate action. It is helpful if you include the offending email with your complaint so that the Abuse Team can quickly proceed with their investigation.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or comments about our Anti-Spam Policy.

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